Stretches Low Back

Stretches for the Low Back

Hey Guys! Dr. Nathan Byard at Health Dallas Chiropractic. I'm gonna show you five stretches that can help with low back pain. 

The first stretch I'm gonna demonstrate is the hamstrings. When your hamstrings are tight, they're gonna pull on your low back so we wanna make sure we stretch those out. Pick something at home that's around a sofa, chair, or table height. You're gonna put your foot on there, make sure you're stabilized. Keep the knee straight, you're gonna bend forward at the waist, we're not gonna round our back, we're gonna bend forward at the waist. As you bend forward, you're gonna feel it pull underneath here, that's a nice good, deep stretch. Hold this for at least 20 seconds, for three repetitions, minimum, to make sure you're getting an effective stretch. 

The second stretch is the piriformis, this muscle runs across the glutes. So we're gonna lay down for this one, bed, couch, floor, whatever is comfortable. You're gonna bend both knees, you're gonna put one knee on top of the other knee. You're gonna reach around and grab the hamstring and you're gonna pull your foot closer to you. You should feel the stretch on the backside of the folded leg, right back here. It's a nice, deep stretch. If you can't reach your leg, you can put your other foot up on a doorway, and that's an effective way to get this stretch as well. We wanna hold it for a minimum of 20 seconds, at least three times on each side. 

The third stretch is the lumbar, paraspinals. Like all the other stretches, you're gonna hold this for 20 seconds minimum, at least three repetitions per side. For this one, you want to be laying down, not on a couch, you wanna be on a bed or the floor, because it's more stable. You're gonna lay down, you're gonna take one leg and fold it across. You're gonna try to keep this shoulder down, and you should feel it pull all through here. If it's not pulling up here in the lumbar, bring your foot higher, let it fall off, then you'll really feel it through here. 

This is the fourth stretch, I really like this one. This one's called press ups. You're gonna put your arms underneath you, and you're gonna press up and arch your back. If this isn't enough, you can pull both arms underneath you, like this, and really push up. You should hold this for a minimum of 20 seconds for at least three repetitions to get the maximum benefit. 

This is the fifth and final stretch. The hip flexors. These muscles are tight in a lot of people because we spend too much time sitting. This is the position you're gonna want to be in, one knee down, one knee up. You're gonna lean forward, you should feel some pulling through the hip flexors in the front. If it's not enough, arch your back, lean forward a little more. You can even lean away and you'll really feel it pull. You wanna hold this, like all the stretches, for a minimum of 20 seconds, at least 3 repetitions. If you do these sets of stretches every day, or even every other day, it can really help out with your low back pain.

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