Office Tour

Office Tour

Hey Guys! Welcome to Health Dallas Chiropractic. I wanted to give you a little tour of the office today, the first thing you see when you walk in is the front desk area this is where you're gonna check in as soon as you get here.  It's also gonna be where you check out.

This is the waiting area you probably won't be here very long, but your kids might, which is okay, because we've got Netflix. This is the first treatment room which contains the inter-segmental traction table, AKA, the massage table. It's really relaxing, a lot of patients love it! 

This is the main treatment room where we do the adjustments. Most of the adjustments are done by hand, which is called diversified. However, I do use a lot of drops, SOT blocks, and the activator, depending on your preferences. I also do a lot of muscle work to enhance your treatment.

And this is the relaxing room, the final step where we use a variety of treatments, to make sure you're feeling great when you walk out that door and sometimes that means a little extra nutritional support, which is why we carry a wide variety of high-quality nutritional supplements that you can get before you leave.

A little housekeeping, we don't take insurance but we do take flex cards, HSA cards, and all standard forms of payment. We will provide you with a medical receipt for your own insurance reimbursements, if you need it, so come on in.

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I am a Chiropractor in North Dallas, Texas.  Located right off 635 and 75.  When you are searching for Dallas 75251 Chiropractor, I am right around the corner!  I want to offer you the best care I possibly can, and that's why I see people 1 on 1.  If you have questions send me an e-mail.

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