Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain

Hey Guys, Dr. Nathan Byard at Health Dallas Chiropractic, with another health tip.  This weekend, I was building a bunk crib for my kids. I spent 4 hours outside, on the ground, hunched over.  When I stood up, my low back was hurting.  I am going to show you on Kenny, my example spine, where that area is, from L1 to Sacrum, the low back.  T'his is where you pain manifests from, it spreads out from here.

That's the discomfort your feeling and I know a lot of you guys have chronic low back pain. I want to cover a few tips on how to help out with some of that pain at home.

You've probably heard of this recommendation before, hot and cold.  I want to cover it again in a little more depth. Ice pack is what we are going to start with when your low back is hurting.  Ice is going to push inflammation out of the area and when your back is inflamed the last thing you want to do is add heat to it and make it more inflamed.  I only want you to use ice for 20 minutes at a time, because your body is really smart. After 20 minutes your body is adapted, and the therapy is not as useful as when you started.  After 20 minutes, if your back is feeling better, fantastic!  You can alternate 20 minutes of ice and 20 minutes of rest. Do that as often as you want.  Do not put the ice directly on your skin, because we don't want you to get Frostbite.

Secondly, if the ice is helping and you want to add heat. You can do that: this is a rice bag. You can buy these here or make them at home. Put it in the microwave for 1-3 minutes, depending on the size of the bag.  You can put that on the back directly after ice or after 20 minutes of rest.
If the heat feels better, likely you have muscle spasms, and the heat is going to bring blood to the area, warm up the muscles, and improve your range of motion, and help the muscles to relax.  I am going to show you two stretches, that will also likely help!  

Alright, 1st stretch we are going to try, you can do this seated or standing, I am going to demonstrate in a seated position.  Reach for your toes, as far as you can, if you can reach your toes, GREAT!  Please do so.  If not, grab your ankles, I want you to hold on and pull yourself forward, you should feel some rounding in the back, a nice deep stretch.  You should also feel some tension underneath the hamstrings.  Most of us have really tight hamstrings, this is a dual stretch, its going to be really helpful, hold it for 20-120 seconds at a time for 5-10 minutes.  If this is painful, pause, instead, flip over.  I am going to have you go face down, Your going to pull up on your elbows.  We are going to have you arch the back, this is the opposite stretch of the one we just did. You can progress higher up, on your hands and really push backwards.  Hold this one for 20-120 second repetitions for 5-10 minutes.  One of these stretches should be helpful for you, if you're still experiencing serious or chronic pain that just won't go away.  it means there is something structural, something deeper going on. Come on in, we will get you evaluated, and put together a game plan for you, to help you feel BETTER!

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